EstimationTools 2.0.0 Unreleased

  • ‘EstimationTools’ was build in R 4.0.2.

  • We have implemented noncentrality parameter detection. This parameter must be named ncp in the distribution.

  • We have implemented computation and plots of empirical total time on test (TTT).

  • Standard error computation is now performed inside ‘maxlogL’ and ‘maxlogLreg’.

  • Standard errror value is now stored in the list case named ‘fit’. It can be called typing “objectnamefitStdE”, where ‘objectname’ is the object where the model is sotored.

  • The new method (function) ‘bootstrap_maxlogL’ was created for standard error computation through bootstrap.

  • ‘summary’ method only reports results. It does not perform any computation, bootstrap through ‘summary’ function has been deprecated.

  • We have made a careful spelling check in our documentation.